A downloadable game for Windows

A short experience wherein you control a ghost who has been temporarily awakened at midnight on Halloween. Unable to leave the graveyard, help out your fellow awakened spirits while avoiding the creature which lurks around the outskirts of the cemetery and eventually try and find a way out.


Movement: Arrow Keys

Sprint: Left Shift

Interact: Z, X

Seriously, thank you for playing!
This game was made for a game jam in < 3 weeks so there's a lot more
I wanted to add to it and it's pretty buggy...
Still, I hope you enjoy it for what it is :')
Art, Music, Programming:
Penandum (twitter.com/penandum | discord: penandum #5393) (dat me lol)
feel free to message me with bug reports or questions or... anything really lol
PSX Shader:
Dsoft20 (github.com/dsoft20/psx_retroshader)
Caxt Nova (Monster Voices) (youtube.com -> Caxt Nova)
aesqe (Rain) (freesound.org/people/aesqe)
Francisco Beltrán (Heartbit font) (frankqbe.tumblr.com)
Special thanks to my bud danny for that incredible title.

Install instructions

Extract zip anywhere and run the .exe!


A Hallow's Evening.zip 33 MB


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  • I like the old style 3D graphics and atmosphere.
  • Examine is the best feature.
  • The main character looks too much like a Unity capsule.
  • The music in the starting area feels like its a fancy party.
  • Controls are kind of weird being rotated 45 degrees.
  • The player moves faster when moving diagonally. If this is not desirable then you should call the clamp function on Movement._movedir right after you are assigning it from the input axis.
  • I would recommend writing the player speed into a local variable in your movement function and then you can simplify your sprint code. Alternatively just keep base speed as a separate variable.
  • There is a function to hide the cursor (I forgot to use it too).
  • The game appeared to have a bilinear filter probably due to being set explicitly to a resolution and then letting the GPU do the scaling. You can do pixel perfect scaling yourself by rendering to a render texture then rendering that in a camera that is scaled to integer multiples. But even in that case if the user sets the resolution below native the GPU is going to fuck it up so you have to either disable it or warn the user.

Thanks for the in depth comment, I seriously appreciate it (especially that bit about using the render texture to fix the blurry filtering from the scaling, i'd heard about that technique before but didn't realize the application of it)

And yeah I totally agree with you on all the criticisms as well, the movement code is pretty janky and the ghosts look way too much like Unity capsules viewed top down, art is my weakest area, followed by programming.

Also, I really liked 党りゃんせ, the monochrome art + the rendition of the BGM are slick as hell and the mechanic of using the spirits to break the obstacles is equal parts really neat and really challenging